Welcome to the Team!

We are passionate about welcoming and educating our new members on the Whole Life Oils team because you didn’t just buy some oils and a diffuser. You bought the best oils in the world, and you bought a community, a support system, a movement to help you thrive physically, emotionally and even financially if you so choose.

So, let’s break into that kit you just received and look it over! If you’d rather watch it as a video, check out our new member’s webinar!

Here’s what we covered in the class!

Get Out Your Box – Let’s Look Inside!

Okay, so let’s look inside your starter kit box! On the outside you see here the Mona, Utah lavender farm. Did you know you can visit this farm anytime and get a tour? They are open the public! I’ve stood in those fields when the lavender is in full bloom and it is breathtaking! You can see the whole Seed to Seal process in action.

So, let’s open the box and dig in.

Let’s Start with Stress Away

First, I want you to take out that Stress Away, roll it on your wrists, put a drop or two in the palms of your hands, and breathe in deep! Wonderful, right?

This was the oil that had me SOLD on Young Living oils! I thought it was the most amazing fragrance when I got my first starter kit in the mail.

So we start with Stress Away because I want you to know, using essential oils isn’t scary. They do not work the same as medicine does, so you can’t really overdose or hurt yourself. It’s okay to open those bottles and start smelling and using them on your skin!


Let’s Thumb Through the Product Guide

The starter guide that comes with your kit is really useful! Check out the first section of it – it has the basics of essential oils and talks about the commitment to quality and purity that Young Living is known for and so passionate about. It’s what makes our oils actually WORK!

So go through the oils and supplements sections, too, and start to make your wish list. Match the products to your health goals.

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil

Next, let’s Use that Lemon!

Next, take out your Lemon vitality oil, and while we’re at it, let’s talk about the Vitality oils – those bottles in your kit that have the white label.

These bottles are labeled this way to help you to know which oils are safe for using in cooking and to ingest. The FDA asks that supplement companies choose to label their products as having an aromatic and topical use OR internal use. They have the same exact contents inside that the non-vitality versions do – so Thieves Vitality and Thieves are the exact same, it’s just that you’ll know Thieves is safe to ingest. But enough about that, let’s talk about something more fun!

Now, get out a glass cup and fill it with some water, then add 1-2 drops of your lemon vitality oil to it and take a few sips. Tasty, right? I love to use any of the citrus oils this way – lemon, orange, tangerine, Citrus Fresh, grapefruit, and even peppermint are wonderful to add to your water. It’s going to support your digestive system, and help your body to flush out toxins.

Young Living Rainstone Diffuser

Open that Diffuser Box and Thieves, and Mist Away!

Which diffuser did you get? Most start off with the home or dewdrop diffusers, so we’re going to talk about how the Dewdrop diffuser works. Get that one out of the box and let’s start using it! (I have the Rainstone diffuser pictured above – it’s my FAV!)

So take off the top and pour the water in up to the red dot. Then, add 3-5 drops of Thieves oil to it. Put the top back on, plug in, and press the start button.

Take a few deep breaths. Doesn’t that smell amazing?! Wow!


The Rest of the Oils

Okay, so many of you have probably already been to a 101 class. If you haven’t already, click here to get the basics down, along with a video if you’d like to watch it. 

So check that out to see all of the different ways you can use your oils! We also have a free e-book you can download that has 88 ways to use each of the oils in the kit! Download that here.

The Amazing Nutrition and Power of NingXia Red

What in the World is NingXia Red?

Next up, take out your red NingXia Red samples and put those in the fridge. In about 2 hours, take one of those packets out and drink it!

NingXia Red has a TON of health benefits and is Young Living’s most popular supplement. Click here to read all about in this info-packed PDF.

NingXia (neen-sha) Red is our best superfood supplement that tastes like juice, so it’s super tasty and easy to even get kids to drink!

It helps with everything, really, it does! It’s made from the NingXia Wolfberry which is grown in the province of NingXia, China. This fruit contains more antioxidants than any other fruit on the planet! Wow, right? Antioxidants are super important, especially in today’s age where we come into contact with harmful toxins all throughout the day.

I suggest that everyone start drinking 1-2 ounces a day. It really helps with overall health, in particular, digestion, energy, and immunity. So drink up!


Get You Some Carrier Oils!

Okay, so having some carrier oils on-hand is super important to help you to be able to dilute your oils.

Look in your kitchen – do you already have some olive oil? You can start with that!

Next, get on Amazon or run down to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle of your favorite carrier oil. If you have no idea where to start, olive oil and grapeseed oil are ones that are allergen-free that most people use without any problems, so I’d start there! If you can get organic, I do suggest that since Young Living’s oils are organic and it’d be nice not to introduce pesticides and herbicides into your system with your pure, new essential oils. But, they will still be effective if you can’t get organic carrier oils.

Here are my favorite carrier oils:

Also, Young Living has a fantastic carrier oil called V-6, which means it has 6 different vegetable oils in it. That is by far my favorite carrier oil.

All about peppermint essential oil

Get Out Your Pepperminty-Mint

Let me show you how to use some peppermint. This’ll be great to try on your neck as that’s often a spot that gets stiff and sore for many of us, right?

You can actually start mixing your oils right in the palm of your hand – just put a quarter size amount of carrier oil in your palm, and let’s put like 3-4 drops of Peppermint in with that.

Now, rub your palms together and apply to your neck.

Ahhh, doesn’t that smell amazing? And it’ll feel so good and refreshing on your neck, and will help to relax and soothe any sore spots. You could take what’s left over and rub over your belly to help digestion or any stomach upset.

See how easy they are to use?


How to Use those Sample Bottles

Let’s talk about how to use those sample bottles in your kit! They fit about 25 drops each, so you can fill them up with your favorite oils and throw in your purse, or give to a friend to share.

You can put 5 drops in and add some carrier oil and they’ll already be diluted!


Helpful Equipment to Have Around – Spray and Roll On Bottles

I suggest getting some glass roll on and spray bottles to keep around the house to make using your oils super simple! I get all of mine from Amazon (hello Prime shipping!). 

  • Get spray bottles here
  • Get fine mist sprayers here
  • Get roll on bottles here

Let me show you how to fill them up and use them. In a 10 ml roll-on bottle (which is 1 tablespoon), just add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil and fill the rest with your favorite carrier oil. Pop on the top, and roll away! This will help you to make topical usage super easy.

As for the spray bottles, these can be use to keep in bathrooms to help with stinky smells, or to take in the car to help calm crazy kids down, to spray in stinky shoes and trash cans, or to spray on your skin to help with summertime bugs (Purification is the bomb for that!).

For a 2 oz. bottle, fill with 10-15 drops of, let’s start with Purification, and then fill the rest with water! Done! So ridiculously easy, right? Now, you could add a pinch of salt to the bottle first to help mix the oils and water together (emulsify), but that isn’t necessary if you give the bottle a little shake first.


How to Reorder

To order more oils, just log back into your Virtual Office. If you’ve forgotten your member number for logging in, just drop your sponsor a quick text or message and they’ll tell you what it is. Otherwise, your username you created when you started your account should work.

Go to youngliving.com and click on “Sign In.” Then, go to Quick Order and fill your cart. It helps to have your product guide handy to use and decide what you need. But before you make that next order, I suggest checking out Essential Rewards first, as it’ll help you to save money on those oils, first!


Young Living's Essential Rewards Program

Essential Rewards

Just like Young Living’s membership, this is a no-strings attached, no gimmicks program that helps you to save money on your oils! How? Well, it’s like Kohl’s cash. You earn points back from your monthly purchases to redeem for free products of your choosing! Sweet!

  • Months 1-2 – earn 10% back
  • Months 4-24 – earn 20% back
  • Months 25 and for the rest of your life (haha) – earn 25% back

So, let’s say you order 100 PV ($100) a month for 6 months. You’ll earn:

  • 10 points for the first 3 months (that’s 30 points)
  • 20 points for the next 3 months (that’s another 60)
  • Total after 6 months – 90 points to use – that’s $90 in free oils or supplements! Wow!

I’ve literally earned THOUSANDS of points in the past few years with this company.

All it is is shifting what you currently spend at the grocery store on household cleaners, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and in the pharmacy to Young Living. The benefit for us is that we get 100% pure products that don’t have junk in them like phthalates, artificial fragrances and other known toxins that have been linked to respiratory distress and even cancer!


How to Actually Have Success with the Oils

So, Young Living is passionate about wellness, purpose and abundance. That’s a fancy way of saying we want you to be healthy, feel like you’re living your purpose in life, and have abundance in your relationships, health, and finances.

When it comes to your health, we suggest using your essential oils daily. This will help to get your body back into correct balance, so it’s functioning as it was designed to function. Daily use will help your all of your body’s systems – immune, digestive, endocrine, and more! It’s as simple as diffusing while you sleep, put some drops of Thieves or Frankincense, on your feet morning and night. Things like that!

Also, make sure you’re in one of our education groups on Facebook. We share a lot of educational info in those groups! Request to join here.

Start a Thriving Home Business with Young Living!

The Business Side

If you’d like some extra money to pay for your oils, or you’d like some extra cash in the bank, or you find your friends and family asking you about your newfound oil passion, then the business side might be just the thing you need! There’s no pressure at all, but we want to make sure you know about it because it has really helped our family’s finances, bank account, and even allowed us to dream again.

If doing the business side sounds even the teensiest bit exciting to you, then check out our business page. Contact your sponsor or enroller, or reply to the invitation link you got via email for this webinar and say you want more info. It’s not a serious commitment or anything, we will just send you more information and plug you in.

Take a look around on this website to see all our team has to offer, and to learn how to use your oils and supplements! And thank you for choosing the Whole Life Oils team! We are so excited you’re here.

Sara McFall