Many of us have built the lifestyle and dreams we want for ourselves and our families with the income Young Living has provided, all while working from home with some as stay-at-home parents! It’s a very satisfying way to live – to be in charge of your daily schedule, not answering to boss, and setting your own hours.

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Have you have been frustrated with economic trends in our country over the past several years, or have someone close to you who has suffered economically? Have you have been cutting unnecessary expenses, and are looking for a way to save money? Would you be happy if you could find a way to improve your family finances in your spare time?

We are looking for a few key people who are looking to save money on expenses they already have and improve their financial situation so they can make some extra money, pay off debt, plan for the future, or have discretionary money for vacations and a comfortable lifestyle even during a down economy.

Why Choose Young Living?

Young Living is a 21-year-old, billion dollar company that has was founded on the principle that nature has powerful, natural substances from PLANTS to meet the needs of the 21st Century family! Young Living owns and runs hundreds of acres of sustainable, organic farmland and essential oil distilleries in Utah, Idaho, Canada, France, Ecuador, Peru, Croatia, and Oman! Young Living is currently doing business in almost every nation around the globe, and is among the fastest growing direct sales companies in the U.S. with about 100,000 joining each month in the U.S. alone! Our company was founded by Gary Young, who has invested 34 years in the research and development of essential oils. Together with his wife and company CEO Mary Young, he is continually blazing new and exciting trails all over the world to promote the ongoing success and development of Young Living.

Myra Yarbrough’s Story
myra-yarbroughPrior to getting started with Young Living, I worked from home as a blogger who loved natural living. I grew up using herbs and homeopathy, but I was never introduced to essential oils until my friend Alyssa started talking non-stop about how amazing they are. I was SUPER skeptical about the network marketing aspect of Young Living, but I was willing to try using the oils since they fit so well with our natural lifestyle. Experiencing Young Living as a company and culture, and their Seed to Seal quality guarantee has changed my opinion and perspective of network marketing through heart-centered sharing. Our overall health and wellness is vibrant and radiant thanks to the incredible oils and oil-infused products.
Young Living has changed our lives in so many ways! Before Young Living came into our lives, my husband, Ernie, and I were up to our eyeballs in debt thanks to foolish decisions and the recession. With three small kids, we were living paycheck to paycheck and it felt like we were throwing our money at a lost cause with absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Young Living’s generosity and the passion of our crazy, amazing hustling team of oilers, we have paid off a TON of debt, Ernie “retired” from his 9-5 job to work from home and we have been able to GIVE abundantly to others. I am grateful every day for the Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance through Young Living. (Myra is one of our Diamond team leaders in Whole Life Oils).


Becky Webb’s Story
becky-webb-profilePrior to getting started with Young Living, my husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck. I was also at home with three small children when he was traveling 70 days or more each year. Needless to say, our lives were crazy and frantic! We didn’t even want to go to Walmart to buy a pack of markers because we were always trying to make ends meet.
We found Young Living and fell in LOVE with not only the products and the heart of the company, but the Young Living lifestyle as well. Young Living has provided much more than we could ever think or imagine. It has truly given us wellness, purpose and abundance. Our time with Young Living has been a journey of hard work and life change, but I wouldn’t give up this experience for anything. Our heart is to see the lives of others change through this company. We see it happening on a daily basis as other share the heart, products, and mission of Young Living with others. (Becky is one of our Diamond team leaders in Whole Life Oils).


Sara McFall’s Story
profile-sara-smallPrior to joining Young Living, I was a blogger and work-at-home mom of three little boys. I was always exhausted, not in good health, experiencing postpartum depression and really struggling to run my household and be a mother. I was also starting to get several autoimmune diseases. It all came to a head after my third son was born – I knew I had to get a grip on my health so I could be the best mom I could be. I was living a chemical-free, non-toxic lifestyle but hadn’t found health solutions for my children that worked to keep their immune systems strong.
I was introduced to Young in 2014 by a blogging friend and fell in LOVE with the oils right away. Our family began to experience wellness like never before, including me. Not only had I found a way to feel physically better, I joined the business side of Young Living and regained my purpose, hope and started dreaming again. In just two years, I’ve been able to build a thriving business working from home just 15-20 hours a week or less, while still being able to stay at home with my three small children and even homeschool! I make more than a teacher’s salary and my family has been able to take vacations they couldn’t have afforded before and is now able to save money to plan for my family dreams. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel all over the United States for free trips and training opportunities, which has always been one of my passions and dreams! (Sara is a Gold team leader and the founder of Whole Life Oils).

Rosemary Hyde got started in business with Young Living and her first month working her business she was able to make over $600 on a very, very part-time basis. She is also able to write off $100 per month in Young Living products, as well as household expenses such as internet and cell phone expenses.

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Young Living Provides Very Generous Income!

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