Here’s your one-stop place to learn all about Essential Rewards! This program is designed to help us save money and get free stuff so we can be our healthiest! It’s like Christmas arrives on your door step every month!

Essential Rewards - Live Vibrantly

It’s Young Living’s monthly box program where you can earn points on your purchases to get free products of your choosing! It’s totally customizable and makes life easier – all of the things we already buy on a monthly basis can come from ONE place, once a month, delivered right to your doorstep! Young Living offers much more than just oils. They also have:

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Body lotion
  • Body washes
  • Tons of supplements, powered by essential oils
  • Household cleaner
  • Hand purifiers
  • Hand soaps
  • Dishwashing and laundry detergent
  • Product line for kids and animals
  • And SO much more!

Why Order it From Young Living?

Because you have the assurance our products are safe for your family – they are non-toxic, pure, and contain essential oils. When you purchase from other stores, you’ll have to research the company and products to figure out if it’s actually safe and pure. Who’s got time for dat?

How Does it Work?

You earn points on your monthly purchases that you can redeem for free products and oils! You also get reduced, flat-rate shipping (about $8 a month, which is the same price as joining Amazon Prime! {$99 months / 12 months = $8.25).

  • You get 10% back the first 1-3 months you’re with the program,
  • 20% back during months 4-24
  • and 25% back during months 25 and beyond!

Wowzahs! Those of us who’ve been with the company for several years have literally redeemed THOUSANDS of points and gotten THOUSANDS of dollars of free oils and products! Amazing, right?

Best Part Is…

You can leave the program at anytime for any reason with NO penalty! All you need to do is call Member Services (1-800-371-3515) and let them know you’d like to leave. But make sure you redeem your points first so they don’t go to waste! (See the video below to know how to redeem the points). You also get FREE gifts! Check out the picture below.

Essential Rewards Loyalty Gifts from Young Living

How do I enroll?

Thankfully, it’s super simple! You can call Member Services and do it over the phone (1-800-371-3515), or log into to your Virtual Office account and do the following;

  • Click on “Essential Rewards”
  • Follow the prompts to fill your cart (50 PV or more) (you can choose anything you want, you do NOT have to purchase the Essential Rewards kits)
  • Choose your shipping date (you can change it every month if you want to – you are not locked into a certain date or products every month)
  • Then, make sure you enroll in PV Assistant afterwards. (Video and picture below to show you how).

Video Tutorials


Important! Sign Up for PV Assistant

In order to participate in Essential Rewards, you need to purchase 50 PV or more each month. So, if a product goes out of stock (which can happen if there is drought, too much rain, problems with bugs – you know, sometimes nature intervenes and a crop isn’t as large as they had hoped!), then the system will automatically pull an oil or product from your PV Assistant cart so your order doesn’t fall below 50 PV.

Why is that important? Well, if it falls below 50 PV, that month won’t qualify for Essential Rewards and you can loose the percentage (not points) that you’ve earned and would start back the next time at 10%. We’d hate to have that happen to you!

So fill your PV Assistant cart with things you regularly purchase – like lavender, peppermint, Thieves, lemon…your staples.

Essential Rewards - PV Assistant from Young Living

If any of this is confusing to you, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us! We are here to help!

Here are some suggested products to get you started your first three months:

Build Your Wellness Arsenal with Young Living's Essential Rewards