Young Living August 2017 Promo Oils

Back to School August Freebies

We have an amazing promotion this month with Young Living! You get can NINE essential oils for free at the 300 PV level! This is plenty to help your bambinos thrive during this school year.

Young Living August 2017 Promo!

Let’s break down the math!

  • Spend 100 PV on Essential Rewards and get a free bottle of Lemon Vitality (worth 6.25 PV)
  •  Spend 190 and get a 15 ml bottle of Citrus Fresh (worth 15.25 PV) and if it’s on Essential Rewards, you’ll also get the Lemon Vitality (worth 6.25 PV) = 21.50 PV for FREE!
  • Spend 250 and get a 15 ml bottle of Clarity (worth $40.25), Citrus Fresh (worth 15.25 PV) and if it’s on Essential Rewards, you’ll also get the Lemon Vitality (worth 6.25 PV) = 61.75 PV for FREE!
  • Spend 300 and get the entire KidScents line of essential oils. A line formulated especially for kids and even diluted and ready to use:
    • Owie (30.75 PV)
    • TummyGize (12.75 PV)
    • Owie (30.75 PV)
    • SleepyIze (16.75 PV)
    • SniffleEase (17.75 PV)
    • Genius (43.75 PV)
    • GRAND TOTAL – 202.75 PV for free!!

Plus, if you’re on Essential Rewards, you’ll get at least 30 points back that you can use like cash to purchase whatever oils or supplements you need. So incredible!

So, how do you use each of these oils?

This graphic pretty much covers it! I put a drop or two of lemon or Citrus Fresh vitality essential oils in my water every day! It adds so much flavor and is supporting my liver and my body’s detoxification system.

Lemon Vitality Oil from Young Living

I LOVE to diffuse Citrus Fresh! It smells wonderful. It also is a great oil to put in a roll on to give to children when their immune systems need some help. Just roll it on their spines. Great for adults, too, of course! More ideas in the graphic.

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil from Young Living

This blend will really get your mind a-going! It gives me a good mental boost, which I love to use while I’m working or brainstorming. It’s also great for emotional release to use during the Aroma Freedom Technique.

Clarity Essential Oil blend from Young Living

Envision is a wonderful oil when you’re stuck trying to believe in your future – that you can succeed and have happiness. I like to put a drop or two of this oil on my wrists and breath in while I’m praying or journaling, or put in my diffuser necklace. It’s also a good one to diffuse.

Envision Essential Oil blend from Young Living

I LOVE all of the KidScents oils because their aroma is so nice! Plus they are formatted for children, so it’s easy to use on them. I like to put this one right on their temples and back of the neck before school, or during a difficult homework assignment. I will also give it to them to smell straight out of the bottle.

Geneyus Essential Oil blend from Young Living

We use this one often in our household! So super easy to put it on an owie and then cover with a bandaid. Never have to run to the drugstore with this one in the house!

Owie Essential Owie blend from Young Living

This oil has SUCH a wonderful aroma! I love to diffuse it and put it on the bottoms of my children’s feet before bedtime. You can also put it on the back of the neck, wrists, chest – all safe places to apply oils on children.

Sleepyize Essential Oil blend from Young Living for Kids!

Kids are always getting the sniffles, aren’t they? So this is a must-have in the winter and spring – just apply right the chest and spines of your little urchins for some respiratory relief! I also use it on myself because I just enjoy the aroma so much!

SniffleEase Essential Oil blend from Young Living for Kids!

Kids have delicate and developing digestive systems and need a lot of tummy support. In addition to a real food diet (processed foods should be few and far between!), probiotics and digestive enzymes, this oil can be a lifesaver! Just apply straight to their lil’ bellies – for extra power, put a warm washcloth on the belly to drive the oils in – it works really well!

TummyGize essential oil blend from Young Living for Kids!

Sara McFall